Acupuncture – Juli Stewart

In an Acupuncture treatment, fine needles are gently inserted, improving blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels and therefore, circulating oxygen more efficiently around the body. This results in decreasing inflammation, stimulating the release of pain-relieving beta-endorphins and generally relaxing the body, bringing back balance and relieving pain. 

You may experience slight aching, heaviness, tingling or electric sensation traveling along a meridian. This is not unusual. If any discomfort is experienced, it is usually mild. Overall, your treatment should be virtually painless 

Many patients will leave their first treatment relaxed. Others feel a difference by the next day.  A course of 4-6 weekly, accumulated treatments is best to experience positive changes.

Patients with chronic conditions find a maintenance treatment every 4 or 6 weeks, keeps their issues manageable or at bay.


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Counselling - Jo Hayes

You will experience a non-judgmental, confidential exchange, with Jo offering you complete openness and deep empathy. Her work considers the ‘whole’ of your unique experiences, including your thoughts, feelings, and actions. She draws upon a broad range of techniques to raise your awareness, helping you recognise your strengths and personal choices, facilitating a movement towards balance and positive change.

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Integrative Counselling - Debbie Turner

As an integrative counsellor, Debbie is considerate of your needs and can provide you with the appropriate confidential, non-judgemental space you need to gain more insight into your areas of concern, tailoring and integrating a range of therapeutic techniques.  She will assist you in moving towards making positive changes in the here and now, and in the longer term for your future progress. 

In your journey of self discovery and through open curiosity, Debbie will help you discover old patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you in your day-to-day life.  By exploring these processes, you will become more self-aware and empowered.  Ultimately allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. 

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Podiatry - Carrie Rogers

Podiatrists diagnose and treat abnormalities of the foot and lower limb. They offer professional advice on the prevention of foot problems and can also look to ease lower limb pain through the way you walk.  


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