Acupuncture – Juli Stewart

Acupuncturists balance the flow of energy ("qi") through a system of channels under the skin by inserting fine needles at various points.  Disruption to the flow of qi can manifest as illness, pain, emotional upset, physical trauma and hot or cold sensations.  By examining the underlying causes, along with the pulse and the tongue, the most appropriate channels and points for each patient can be selected.  The needles are left in place for about 20 minutes, during which time many people experience a feeling of deep relaxation.  Due to her 20 plus years of experience, when Juli inserts the needles patients often feel nothing or only a tingling sensation or dull ache, which soon disappears. 

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Counselling - Lorraine Vincent

Some people come for counselling because they are experiencing a crisis, others find it useful if they wish to make a change in their lives. Counsellors do not tell you what to do. Your counsellor is an informed companion who will listen to your thoughts and feelings and help you decide on your own direction.

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Counselling - Elaine Dunne

Counselling provides a place where you can explore your thoughts and feelings in a confidential and supportive environment.  As an integrative counsellor, I provide counselling which is based on psychodynamic and person-centred theories.  At the core of my therapeutic work, is the belief that with the right support, we are better equipped to overcome difficulties, to manage loss and make positive changes.  Together we can explore any of the concerns that you may be experiencing to enable you to lead a more fulfilling life. 

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Homeopathy - Zayda Kebede

Homeopathy is a holistic therapeutic system based on the principle that 'like treats like', that is a substance that causes sympton in a healthy person can be used to treat a person suffering with similar symptoms.  Homeopathy looks at the person as a whole.  Homeopaths use specially prepared, highly diluted substances, given mainly in tablet or liquid form.  Prescriptions are tailored to each individual patient, according to their specific symptoms.  The medicines are non-toxic and only minute amounts of active ingredients are used in all their preperation, so they are generally considered safe to be used by all, including babaies, children, pregnant women and breast feeding mothers. 

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Podiatry - Carrie Rogers

Podiatrists diagnose and treat abnormalities of the foot and lower limb. They offer professional advice on the prevention of foot problems and can also look to ease lower limb pain through the way you walk.  

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