Suzanne Moss - Osteopath and Principal

Suzanne has a wide range of experience treating patients from a few weeks of age to people in their 90s.

For many years she has worked with people who have various physical or learning disabilities.

Suzanne came into osteopathy through having experienced treatment after a skiing accident, which caused sciatic problems. Seeing and feeling how much treatment helped her, she decided to train as an osteopath, graduating in 1998.

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Ben Morphett - Osteopath

Ben qualified from the University College of Osteopathy in 2018.

During Ben’s training he elected to study further specialist topics involving obstetrics and cranial osteopathy.

Ben’s interest in osteopathy was first sparked when he suffered a back injury in 2014. At a time when little seemed to help, his osteopath improved his condition significantly and enabled him to return to his other passion, competing professionally in motorcycle trials. Drawing from this experience, Ben feels able to strongly empathise with patients and strives to make a difference in the same way.

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Carrie Rogers - Podiatrist

Carrie qualified from the University of Northampton in 2001 with a BSc in Podiatry. Over the past 14 years she has worked for both the NHS and private sector and enjoys all aspects of her career. A podiatrists job is to asses, diagnose and treat foot problems whether it be a painful corn or an in-growing toe nail. Carrie is registered on the Health Care Professional Council and is fully qualified to treat diabetic patients.

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Elaine Dunne - Counsellor

Elaine’s Degree in Psychology with Early Childhood Studies has given her a rich theoretical understanding of human behaviour and a keen interest in developmental psychology.  Additionally, Elaine has gained over 15 year’s experience of providing emotional support to children and adults within many different settings (e.g. a specialist school for children with Dyslexia and a homeless hostel).  Her studies at University combined with this experience of supporting vulnerable people of all ages, demonstrates her dedication to helping people improve their psychological wellbeing.  This ultimately led to Elaine’s decision to develop her skills and knowledge further by training at the University of Kent to become a counsellor. 

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Juli Stewart - Acupuncturist

Juli has been practising Acupuncture since 1998, initially working in Scotland before relocating to the South East. Juli's needling technique is extremely gentle but she also uses light therapy which is ideal for children and those with a needle phobia. Her aim is to help people get back into balance and resolve their issues.

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Lorraine Vincent - Counsellor

Lorraine has over 25 years experience in counselling, careers guidance and mentoring. She is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and the Career Development Institute. Working with adults and young people counselling can be short or long term, with sessions lasting 50 minutes, usually on a weekly basis.

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Sara Gibbs - Holistic Therapist

Sara Gibbs is a qualified Complementary Therapist with 18 years industry experience, and is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and the International Federation of Aromatherapists. She has also lectured at the local further education college for many years. 

Following careful consultation Sara will advise on the best course of treatment for you, taking into account your medical history, lifestyle and treatment objective.  If you are currently undergoing medical treatment you may be asked to consult your doctor prior to commencing treatment. 

Sara offers a variety of massage and aromatherapy treatments as well as reflexology and heated lava shell deep tissue massage.

You can be assured of a bespoke quality treatment designed to help your body regain its natural balance and relieve the stresses of modern life as well as helping to alleviate the discomfort of any tension, aches and pains. 

Treatment Packages and Gift Vouchers are available for special occasions and pamper days.
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Zayda Kebede - Homeopathic Therapist

Zayda has been practising homeopathy since 1999, originally in London.  She was introduced to the therapy's healing potential as a patient herself, and from observing the speedy effect that homeopathic remedies had on her infant son.  As a patient you can expect to be treated as a unique individual, taking into account all aspects of your health, before having a remedy prescribed specifically for your present condition.  The aim is to strengthen your immune system and restore you to your natural state of balance, free from whatever pain or discomfort brought you to the clinic.  Sometimes patients do notice side effects, such as improved quality of sleep, or less anxiety, and they are always positive. 

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