Acupuncture Testimonials

"Having had acid reflux for about 5 years, I had a course of acupuncture as a last resort, having tried many other things.  After 5 treatments it had improved dramatically and after 9 treatments I no longer suffer from it at all."
Imelda, Deal

"I contacted Juli after hearing that acupuncture can aid contraception and also alleviate symptoms of stress.  I had been trying to coneive for 2 years and was finding it difficult to cope with my mum's illness on top of that.  Two months later Juli had not only helped to reduce my symptoms of stress and introduce me to the wonders of meditation, I am now pregnant too.  I will continue to see Juli whenever I feel things getting a little beyond me.  Whatever she does with those needles, she does it wonderfully well!"
Jo, Broadstairs

"Since my first appointment with Juli I have had loads more energy and am now able to handle stressful situation without feeling anxious.  I cannot recommend Juli enough.  She has really changed my life!"
Aimee, Deal

"I had been suffering with Menier's Disease for some years and it wasn't until I decided to try acupuncture with Juli that I realised how beneficial acupuncture can be.  Within a few weeks my symptoms had subsided significantly and my energy levels have risen.  I feel re-invigorated thanks to Juli."
Christina, Clifftonville

"Main complaints were migraines with vomiting, cervical spine pain, lower back pain with sciatica and vertigo.  I had previously tried NHS and chiropractic treatment with very little help, so finally decided to try acupuncture and found Juli.  She was a good listener and caring, and treated each condition as they occurred with great results.  I was sorry to have to leave her behind when we moved to Norfolk and am now on the search for someone with the same skills she possesses."
Janet, Sittingbourne

"Juli's treatment came at a very difficult time for me, whilst awaiting major surgery.  It helped me enormously; my sleep improved and it enhanced my overall sense of wellbeing and made me calmer.  Juli is a lovely, kind lady and I am so grateful to her for her help at this extremely stressful time." 
Sarah, Kingsdown

"I started seeing Juli when I was about 6 months pregnant.  I was suffering with a trapped nerve in my hip that was causing me such agony that I could barely move and had to use crutches to walk.  I had already been to the doctors and a physiotherapist to no avail.  After one session with Juli I noticed an immediate improvement.  With each session the pain lessened considerably and my mobility improved greatly.  By the time I had the baby I was able to walk without any aids.  Because of Juli I was able to actually enjoy the last few weeks of my pregnancy.  I could not recommend her enough."

"I started treatment with Juli just befoe my first round of IVF.  I found the whole experience hugely beneficial and relaxing.  I attribute her acupuncture to my subsequent successful pregnancy and birth.  I could not recommend her services highly enough." 
Anna, Broadstairs

"My days were full of chronic pain, where my ability to live a normal life was growing ever smaller.  Juli, your acupuncture has changed my life totally.  Now I make plans and challenge myself knowing that if I am struggling you are there for me to call on, not only with your acupuncture but with all your advice and ability to listen.  I now think of you not only as my acupuncturist but as my friend.  Thank you."
Debbie, Deal

"Acupuncture has been so beneficial to me.  I was under a lot of stress and suffered from anxiety and Juli has been a real star listening to me.  She has helped me greatly to find a balance in my everyday life.  I would highly recommend Juli to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life." 
Marie, Broadstairs

"Juli, thanks so much for your excellent acupuncture treatment.  My knee was back to normal within 2 or 3 days of the last session.  I'm new to this - it works!"
Roger, Broadstairs 

"A big 'Thank You' for helping me with my very painful problem - 'Costocondritis' The only help I had was to take very strong painkillers and even they were not working in the end. It was too painful to lie down or sleep and now like 'magic'-  I am free from pain!"
Virginia, Broadstairs

"I don't think I shall need the treatment session we have booked as my legs are doing very well. So much better now, thank you. Sleeping well too! Something I rarely did before. Thank you for that!"
Eve Birchington

“My acupuncture sessions with Juli have massively helped to lessen my fibromyalgia symptoms and improve my wellbeing. The relief for me was immediate. I definitely recommend Juli’s therapy and professionalism."

 "Having gone through two years of treatment for IBS, taking tablets on a daily basis with little success, I decided to try Acupuncture.  My first session with Juli was such a success I decided to stop taking my medication by the end of the first week.  I could not believe that after four sessions my life had changed so much for the better.  Juli has advised me on food to avoid and food to include in my diet.  I intend to have Acupuncture with Juli on a regular basis as I always feel so relaxed after each session."  
Bernadette, Broadstairs

Neck Pain
"I am 99% cured!  Thank you so much.  Why didn't I come and see you earlier?"
Yvonne, Manston


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