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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle yet profound ‘hands on’ healing therapy that supports the body’s natural tendency to find health and optimum balance.

How you can benefit The work raises the natural vitality of the body’s system and can help resolve psycho-emotions held in body patterns, nervous system dysfunctions as well as muscular/skeletal difficulties and birth trauma.

Craniosacral therapy is so gentle that it is safe and suitable for people of all ages, from babies to the elderly, or in fragile or acutely painful conditions. It is client led. Your body will set the pace of the work, so you will remain comfortable, in control and able to integrate the changes that occur.

For treatment, you will usually lie on a treatment couch, fully clothed, and experience the very light touch of the therapist’s hands. You may feel a deep sense of relaxation which usually lasts for the whole session and possibly become aware of heat, tingling, pulsations or other sensations. With subsequent treatments this sense of relaxation often extends into everyday life

Mothers and Babies Craniosacral Therapy’s gentle approach makes it a very effective treatment for Pre and Post Natal women. The therapy helps to balance and support the mothers mind and body while she undergoes challenging emotional and physical changes following child birth. Furthermore, it can help the mother return to normal by releasing the strains retained during pregnancy and labour thus allowing her to relax and enjoy the new baby.

Craniosacral therapy is well known for its effectiveness in treating babies and children.

What is Shamanism? 
Shamanism is an ancient, grounded and earth based healing tradition that in ancient times was commonplace in all societies around the world including the British Isles.

The Shamanic explanation
A practitioner of shamanic healing is someone who actively seeks out the spirits to ask for their healing, help or advice. She has a good connection with her own spirit guides and is able to travel easily to the world of the spirits. She does this by changing her consciousness, often through the use of rhythmic shamanic drumming, and travelling out of the physical body on a journey to the spirit world. Once there she communes with her spirits to retrieve the relevant help or information needed and/or request healing for the person who has asked for the journey

Shamanic Consultation 
A shamanic consultation is offered to individuals seeking shamanic healing or advice from the spirits as a doorway into the work. 
The session starts with you being invited to talk about your concerns. We explore this in depth and formulate a clear intention of what it is you wish to ask the spirits.  The clearer the intention the clearer the shamanic journey and the answers given, so we take as much time as is needed. Once we have a clear intention, that sits well and feels right for you, I make the shamanic journey to seek out the spirits and ask for their help and advice. I speak the journey out loud so that you can receive the information and energy in the moment. I also record the journey so that it can be taken away and listened to again. If the journey resonates for you and you want to go ahead with the healing and/or advice recommended by the spirits we can discuss a follow up session. If the journey doesn’t resonate for you it can simply be put aside and let go of.

Shamanic Healing
Healing is remembering what has been forgotten about connection,and unity and interdependence among all things living and non-living.

Jean Achterberg

Shamanic healing is a very deep and profound healing process concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of spiritual illness. The reason for illness is seen as an imbalance of power, of our vital energy or life force. People who have power loss, loss of aspects of their power, often feel a lack of grounding and connection to themselves and to the environment around them. To restore balance I work with the spirit power of the universe to find and retrieve lost power or to remove the spirit of an illness, an unwanted power intrusion. I offer traditional techniques of shamanic healing to provide healing, reconnection and restoration.

This treatment modality is best suited to individuals who really want to make changes in their life and are committed to their own healing process. Shamanic healing is not undertaken lightly and can have a profound effect on the individual's life. As my old shamanic teacher Jonathan Horwitz used to say 'be careful what you ask for because you might get it!'

The healer deals with the mishandling of the gaps that occur in one’s life, with one’s losses of spirit.
Chogyam Trugpa


Initial consultation is a free 15 minute telephone conversation with Fiona to briefly discuss what your issues are and to hear more of how she works.
Please phone 07944426399 to book a telephone consultation.
Following the telephone consultation if you are happy to proceed, either Fiona or the clinic can book you in for a full shamanic consultation.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy: 
Initial appointments up to 1 hour £55
Follow up appointments up to 50mins £50
2 hours £100

For more information about Fiona and her work with shamanism please check her website

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