Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherpy Testimonials

"I have been using Willow Therapy Centre for reflexology and lava shell massages for over a year now.  I alternate treatments as I benefit from both.  Reflexology treats anything at the time of treatment whether it's an aching back, headaches or menstrual symptoms. Lava shell massages keep me fully relaxed and tension free through life.  I could not recommend Sara enough as I've tried other places that cost a lot more and are not a patch on Sara's experience." 

"I’ve just had the most wonderful Lava Mama Pregnancy massage today with Sara. My body hasn’t felt this relaxed or comfortable in months, she relieved all my tension in my lower back, the fluid & puffiness around my ankles has been alleviated & the massage on my bump was extremely relaxing & really helped sooth the ligament pain I have been suffering from. 
I was worried about feeling comfortable throughout the treatment but Sara ensured I was fully supported - bump and all throughout with a lovely full body support pillow. I would recommend this treatment to any fellow expectant mummas out there. Thank you Sara" 

"I have been having regular aromatherapy massage treatments by Sara for many years, as I suffer from various musculoskeletal problems. More recently I have been having lava shell massages, as the heat and unique movements of the shells, in Sara's expert hands, are extremely good for relaxing "knotted" muscles and easing pain associated with muscle tension. Sara is a consummate professional who listens to her clients and takes care to create a bespoke treatment to meet their specific needs. If you suffer from similar musculoskeletal problems or just want a really relaxing experience, I recommend you make an appointment with her!"

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