Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Testimonials

"I am very thankful and grateful for Fiona's service.  
My newborn was very unsettled with colic and reflux. The first session with Fiona we saw instant improvements, he seemed calmer and less crying. We had a further two sessions which were just as helpful and what was really lovely, Fiona also did some therapy on me. She explained that mother and baby are still one and it would help both of us, which I feel it did. 
The whole experience was very relaxing, professional and reassuring. Would thoroughly recommend seeing Fiona." 

Helen and baby Charlie 

My decision to seek shamanic healing came out of the growing awareness that perhaps at the root of my difficulties there might also be a spiritual/transpersonal dimension for which years of personal development and therapy hadn't been able to address.  Fiona was highly recommended to me by a colleague and friend who had seen her a few years back and was impressed by the effect of their session with them.  During the initial phone conversation, Fiona's empathy, attentive listening and pertinent questions shone through, and I made the decision to go ahead with the session there and then.  These qualities were also present during the two-hour session I had with her.  Before the journey Fiona listened to my story and my difficulties, and collaboratively settled on the question that I would like her to take during the journeying and seek the guidance and healing from the spirit world.  The actual journey was an extraordinary experience and the imagery and insights offered were both moving and very relevant.  After the session and for the weeks that followed, I felt that something had shifted - I felt lighter, centred and more hopeful than I had felt in years.  Fiona recorded the actual journey, and she emailed it to me as an audio file to store and listen to whenever I wanted.  Both at the end of the session and in her follow-up email, Fiona offered suggestions for integrating the insights and the healing of the shamanic journey.  The shift I felt was also picked up by my craniosacral therapist, who could sense that the tension around my heart and diaphragm were removed and that my light force felt lighter and stronger.  A feeling of joy and deep confidence have followed since the shamanic healing session with Fiona.  I also know that I will seek her wise healing services again in the future.  I would therefore highly recommend her.  

Spiros Philappas, Psychotherapist, London, April 2023

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