Zayda Kebede - Homeopathic Therapist

Zayda has been practising homeopathy since 1999, originally in London.  She was introduced to the therapy's healing potential as a patient herself, and from observing the speedy effect that homeopathic remedies had on her infant son.  As a patient you can expect to be treated as a unique individual, taking into account all aspects of your health, before having a remedy prescribed specifically for your present condition.  The aim is to strengthen your immune system and restore you to your natural state of balance, free from whatever pain or discomfort brought you to the clinic.  Sometimes patients do notice side effects, such as improved quality of sleep, or less anxiety, and they are always positive. 


Zayda works:
Tuesdays 9am - 1pm


Willow Therapy Centre

Willow Therapy Centre

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